Middleton Cheney Parish Council

Serving the people of Middleton Cheney

All Saints Church 1920

Clerk: Macaulay Nichol
Parish Meeting Rooms
Middleton Cheney, Banbury
Oxon OX17 2LR

Tel: 01295 713500

Newspaper Extracts


Winners of the various classes in Middleton Cheney's (Coronation) fancy dress parade were John Jones, Maureen McInnes, John Biddle, Miss Ann Mold and Mr & Mrs Ken Charles. Judges were Mr & Mrs Railton and all the competitors received a savings stamp. A really comic cricket match followed the children's and adult sports. Prizes for gardens and best-decorated houses, judged by Mr N. Adkins, went to (gardens) – Mr Waters & Mr Winfield (Houses) and Mrs R. Green, Mrs C. Vincent, Mr W. Dancer, Mr A. Waters.

Tuesday ended with a Whist Drive in Middle Way Hall and a dance in the school. The under 5's had a party the previous day when souvenir books were presented to the children by Mrs Kekewich and Mrs Barker. On Wednesday a party was given for the old folks.

Extract from The Banbury Guardian –11th June 1953


The Coronation Committee met on Friday to receive the Treasurer's Report and to deal with outstanding matters.

Eight oak seats had been purchased in commemoration and it was decided to purchase one more seat with the balance from the £100 allocated to a permanent memorial. It was also decided that the oak tree should be planted in October and that a suitable date be fixed later for this ceremony.

After expenditure to date had been met, a balance of something over £50 would be available for further distribution it was stated. The feeling of the meeting was that this money should be spent on the children and it was agreed that another souvenir, a Coronation cup and saucer, mug or beaker, should be presented to every child in the village up to the age of 16. The presentation of these souvenirs to take place at the time of the planting of the oak tree. It was felt that it would be a friendly gesture also to give a souvenir pen or pencil to all the men and women from the village who were serving in the forces on June 2nd. The Treasurer's Accounts will be exhibited on the Parish Notice Board.

The Committee extended thanks to all those who worked so willingly and well and gave such valuable help on Coronation Day and afterwards, especially Mssrs. A & K Charles, Mr D. Freeman and all who worked with them in carrying tables, forms etc., also the ladies who assisted the Catering Committee with the teas. Thanks were also extended to the Chairman, Secretaries, Treasurer and Collectors for their splendid work, not only on Coronation Day but during the months preceding it.

Extract from The Banbury Guardian - July 23rd 1953