Middleton Cheney Parish Council

Serving the people of Middleton Cheney

All Saints Church 1920

Clerk: Mrs Valerie Furniss
Parish Meeting Rooms
Middleton Cheney, Banbury
Oxon OX17 2LR

Tel: 01295 713500



TEDxBanbury will be a full day event. The goal is to provide a platform for new local voices, and bring key representatives from the Banbury community to present inspirational talks on a wide range of subjects, which foster learning, promote conversations that matter, and which can be shared globally. The theme for the first event is 'It's …the little things……'. The event is filmed, and uploaded to the TEDx YouTube Channel, which has over 18 million subscribers. Many of the talks reach an even wider audience with one of the most popular achieving 62 million views.

This is a voluntary organised non profit event, planned to take place in Banbury, on Saturday 29 February 2020.

There is a line up of ten speakers, with an entertainment element also. One of the speakers is connected to the parish. Tickets are due to go on sale in November.

Posted: Sat, 02 Nov 2019 14:58 by Will Smith

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