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Voter registration is quick and easy

Letters will be landing on the doorsteps of 41,000 South Northamptonshire households from next week as the yearly electoral registration drive kicks off.

From Monday, 15 July South Northamptonshire Council (SNC) will be asking people to confirm or update their details on the electoral register via the Household Enquiry Form (HEF).

Residents can respond by text message, online, phone, or using an enclosed self-addressed envelope. Text and online responses are the quickest and most efficient.

Richard Ellis, South Northamptonshire's electoral registration officer, said: "You can update your electoral registration details in a matter of minutes – about the same amount of time it takes to boil the kettle or take the recycling out.

"Being able to respond online or via text message makes it more convenient and quicker than ever, and it costs the taxpayer less money too.

"And remember, if you are after a mobile phone upgrade, applying for a mortgage, or anything else that involves a credit check, it's essential that you are registered to vote."

After responding to the HEFs being sent out next week, those not already registered to vote will be sent an Invitation to Register application form or can visit www.gov.uk/registertovote.

Anyone whose circumstances change must make sure their electoral registration information is up to date. That could include moving home, turning 18 and needing to register for the first time, or a change of name following marriage or divorce.

Every household is legally required to respond, even if there are no changes to the details of the voters at the address.

Residents of new build homes may find they do not receive the information automatically and will therefore need to manually request the forms by contacting SNC directly.

People are asked to respond before Thursday, 15 August to avoid receiving a reminder in the post.

Posted: Tue, 16 Jul 2019 11:07 by Will Smith

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