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Dear Residents and Landowners


On behalf of our colleagues on the Neighbourhood Planning Committee, we are writing to advise that work on the above Plan has made good progress and is now about to enter the next phase of consulting with residents, local businesses, land owners, clubs, statutory consultees, schools, Churches and other stakeholders. This consultation has been prepared with the aim of fulfilling the legal obligations required under Regulation 15(2) of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012.

We will be consulting on the objectives for our plan, which identify the main topic areas for the plan to address, including: housing, business, landscape, ecology and the environment, flooding, transport, and parking. We are releasing an early draft of this document on Tuesday 23 October at the parish meeting rooms, where we will be alongside members of South Northamptonshire Council.

We will launch the consultation formally on 24 November 2018, starting with an open day at the Primary School. Following this, we will be inviting comments on the document though a series of channels, including letters, emails, surveys etc. For now though, if you do wish to come and see us on Tuesday, please come down to the meeting rooms between 4:30pm and 6pm.

Landowners: As landowners of significant tracts of land within the Parish, we wanted to ensure you caught early sight of our proposed objectives. . Please feel free to join us on our open evening on Tuesday, 23rd October at the Parish Meeting Rooms (4.30 – 6 p.m.) where you would have a chance to ask questions of members of the steering group, and of representatives from SNC who will be here to talk about the Local Plan Part 2A. We believe that active and consistent engagement with yourselves is paramount to understand your perspective, particularly on any proposed growth and development issues and also gain your commitment to our Plan.

Our consultation is built around the Vision and Objectives we have formulated based on feedback received to date. The Neighbourhood Plan is the culmination of several years work, initiated by the Parish Council and driven at different times by community consultation and involvement, consistent with the implementation of the Localism Act 2011. For your further information the NP Committee has comprised over the years not only of Parish Councillors but a cross section of residents, local businesses and key community services. Throughout this process we have also worked closely with the appropriate planning authority at SNC.

Middleton's community has a history of being proactive in taking local decisions. Furthermore, the Parish Council applied to SNC for approval of Middleton Cheney as a designated Neighbourhood Area and approval was granted. We believe the 'community voice' should be heard throughout the development of our Neighbourhood Plan. Any concerns raised may require a holistic approach to the future development of the community as a whole.

You might ask: What happens if we don't put a Neighbourhood Plan in place – the simple answer is Nothing. The existing system is maintained whereby decisions on our future are made by SNC as opposed to the various members of our community. So, this is an unparalleled opportunity to bring 'power' back to the local community. Without the full involvement of the community any plan would not carry the necessary credibility for it to be a proper refection of the community needs so we do need YOUR SUPPORT!

Finally, we will have a wide range of communication channels to ensure maximum reach and feedback involving as broad a spectrum of the community as possible – our aims are to have a two way transparent process.

As mentioned, we are still engaging with SNC planning to gain knowledge and ongoing advice. We will endeavour to ensure that results of any consultation are fed back to the community as soon as possible in a format that is accessible (hard copy, website, etc) and easy to understand.

Look forward to seeing you at the open meetings and getting your feedback.

Yours faithfully

Cllr. Alan Youel​​​​ - Chairman
Tomas Rice - Town Planner

Posted: Sun, 21 Oct 2018 15:25 by Alan Youel

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