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Message From the Met Office Advisor - East Midlands Amber Warning in Force and Further Yellow Warnings Issued.

Good afternoon everyone,

We have issued 4 weather warnings to cover the weather up to and including Saturday which will be updated as and when necessary.

1. Amber warning of SNOW today valid until 1600 hrs. (MEDIUM likelihood of MEDIUM impacts)

2. Yellow warning of SNOW valid until midnight. (LOW likelihood of MEDIUM impacts)

3. Yellow warning of SNOW valid for the whole of tomorrow (LOW likelihood of MEDIUM impacts)

4. Yellow warning of SNOW and ICE valid for the whole of Friday (LOW likelihood of MEDIUM impacts)

Snow showers today are tending to align themselves with the southeasterly wind and hence we are seeing accumulations building through the day. The showers themselves are proving to be heavy at times too and as a result we have issued an amber weather warning (warning 1). This warning comes with a medium likelihood of medium impacts. Impacts currently occurring in Lincolnshire may be experienced in neighbouring counties covered by the amber warning with very difficult driving conditions, roads becoming impassable, some rural communities becoming inaccessible, accidents likely on the slippery roads/paths.

Across the whole of the East Midlands in general there is the potential for light snow showers today with fresh accumulations between 1 and 4 cm possible and we have a yellow warning (warning 2) in force for the whole of today. Given the wind direction showers are most likely in the east and north and least likely in the west of Northants and Leicestershire.

As we go through the afternoon the showers are likely to become lighter and less frequent overnight though still aligned with the wind.

It will be a bitterly cold night with temperatures falling to minus 8 Celsius but feeling significantly colder in the wind for anyone who ventures out.

On Thursday a few further light snow showers will be carried inland on the southeasterly wind and although a yellow warning (warning 3) has been issued for the whole day, for us in the East Midlands the showers are more likely to die out in the afternoon. Further accumulations are possible in heavier showers or where accumulations build due to several showers falling in the same place. There will be drifting in the strong wind creating varying depths of snow across the East Midlands.

Meanwhile a weather system and associated light flurries of snow will begin to encroach from the southwest during the afternoon although currently not frequent or widespread enough to warrant a warning for Northants there may be a little snow settling in one or two places there during the late afternoon and during the overnight period.

On Friday spells of snow are likely to push further across the East Midlands becoming more frequent and It will be a cold and very windy day. Accumulations will vary across the region but 5 to 10 cms are possible where snow persists for any length of time. Widespread ice is likely to form overnight and hence a yellow warning for SNOW andICE (warning 4) has been issued for the whole of Friday and up to 0900 hrs on Saturday morning for our region.

The outlook for the weekend is a little less cold than of late with further bands of snow affecting the region, possibly turning to rain and sleet over time.

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Message Sent By
Susan Fletcher (Police, Crime Prevention Support Officer, Northamptonshire)

Posted: Wed, 28 Feb 2018 21:10 by Will Smith

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