Middleton Cheney Parish Council

Serving the people of Middleton Cheney

All Saints Church 1920

Clerk: Mrs Valerie Furniss
Parish Meeting Rooms
Middleton Cheney, Banbury
Oxon OX17 2LR

Tel: 01295 713500

Neighbourhood Plan

The Middleton Cheney Neighbourhood Plan covers the entire parish area of Middleton Cheney.

The councillors and members of the community are working together to produce this plan. The project commenced in 2012. Lead by the Parish Council.

Area Designation was applied for at the end of June 2012 to South Northants District Council. Following a 6 week consultation the Designation was approved.

Latest Update

July 2019

Many thanks to all who attended a lively meeting on Tuesday August 20th.


The previous minutes from 16th July were not approved approved at the meeting, as the Chair had not met the expectations of the group in relation to prior distribution. These minutes will be recirculated for later approval.

Going forward draft minutes will be distributed to all attendees who have supplied email contact details.

The next meetings are:

20th August 2019 @ 7.30pm, at the Social Club Function Room.


Some of the following documents are "Work in Progress" and are only available for members of the Neighbourhood Forum. We will be prepared to make them available for other interested parties subject to certain caveats. Please send an enquiry to the Clerk's Office.

Evidence Base

Meeting Minutes

Front Runner Forum

Planning Summit 2012