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MC History Society

Middleton Cheney History Society was formed in February 2008 and is an informal meeting place for like-minded people to discover more about the fascinating history of Middleton Cheney in particular; and national and international events that would have affected the rural area of South Northants. Everyone is welcome and it is hoped that our meetings will generate interest and lively discussion on a variety of topics. You don’t have to be a history expert to join us but if you are, we will welcome you too!

Membership is currently £12.00 per annum and meetings take place on the 4th Monday of each month at 7.30pm in the library (visitor admission £3.00 per meeting).

If you check out the heritage section of this site you will find several interesting articles about Middleton Cheney, listed below is the programme.

Middleton Cheney History Society Programme 2017- 2018
(for more details contact tel. No. 710076)

27th March: David Thompson - Secrets of the Walled Garden.
From the 16th Century up until WW1 walled gardens were an essential accompaniment to English country houses. Many are no longer used as gardens but in the past 40 years many have been restored, the Thenford Estate is a good example. Come and hear some of the secrets such as the building of a crinkle crankle wall.

24th April: Daniel Harris - Oxford Gaoler Extraordinaire!
1761-1840 Governor of the County Prison at Oxford Castle. That would have been a role of quite sufficient responsibility for many men but Harris was blessed with a range of talents which enabled him to an exert an influence beyond the confines of the prison.


26th June: Frances Benton - Passion for Pearls.
A lively and entertaining talk about the history, science, myths and legends of the world’s most secretive and only living gemstone. Going back over 5000 years, pearls have been associated with wisdom, power, wealth and beauty.

24th July: Graham Bandy - Middleton Cheney: A Constabulary’s Notebook.
Tales from an original Middleton WW2 Notebook, naming a number of local specials and all the nefarious stuff of the village as well as random sticks of bombs being dropped!

28th August: BANK HOLIDAY - No Meeting

25th September: Paul & Alex Thompson - Roman Gladiators.
‘Guarderobe’ provide a range of historically themed Talks in full costume with artefacts. Find out about the training, diet and life of a typical slave gladiator and what happened if you won your fight or indeed lost it!

23rd October: Cathy Smith - Lunacy and the Victorian Asylum.
Patients were treated for ‘mania, melancholia, and general paralysis of the insane,’ forced into a head brace or held up by Police Officers, or sitting down with their eyes rolled back in their heads. These are the harrowing facts of mental illness in the Victorian era.

27th November: Dr. Keith Busby - 1066, The Butler’s Pantry & the Myth of Simon de Chenduit. Keith lived in MC until he attended Magdalen College Oxford. He will consider the communication problems that must have arisen when England was conquered by French speakers in 1066. The penultimate part will detail which French speakers held lands in Middleton, concluding by explaining the etymology of ‘Cheney’ and argue that it is not related to the Chendut or Chenduit family.

18th December: Chris Bazeley - Christmas Traditions.
Enjoy glass of sherry and a mince pie whilst Chris entertains you with a lively presentation of the festive traditions and their origins.


28th January: Rosy Burke - The Building of the Fine Lady Statue
A behind the scenes look at the statue at The Cross in Banbury. With music and digital display.

26th February: Kevin Varty - Sounds Familiar!! A fun audio trip down Memory Lane, remembering the golden days of the 50s & 60s.
26th March: The Right Hon. Sir Tony Baldry - Parish Churches – ‘Blessings or Burdens’
There will be a collection made during the evening in aid of the Church Roof Appeal at the request of the Right Ho. Tony Baldry

MEETINGS ARE HELD IN THE Library, Main Road, Middleton Cheney

7.30 p.m. on the 4th Monday each month.

Visitors are welcome.

Contact – Denise Howes tel. 01295 711962

Contact:Denise Howes
Telephone:01295 711962
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