Middleton Cheney Parish Council

Serving the people of Middleton Cheney

Clerk: Pip Davis
Parish Meeting Rooms
Middleton Cheney, Banbury
Oxon OX17 2LR

Tel: 01295 713500



The Cemetery is a public open space which means it is available for all to visit. It is a place of remembrance, peace and quiet reflection and the Parish Council will endeavour to ensure that it maintains the Cemetery in the appropriate condition for that purpose.

The following rules and conditions agreed by Middleton Cheney Parish Council. They are reviewed annually and supersede all previous rules.

1. The Council will allocate the next available plot.

2. Memorial to be erected only when the EXCLUSIVE RIGHT OF BURIAL has been purchased - legal documentation detailing ownership of a burial plot. Grants issued by Middleton Cheney Parish Council are for a period of 75 years.

3. A memorial cannot be erected until nine months have passed i.e. following interment. Payment of the appropriate fee and authorisation from the Parish Council will be required in advance for this to take place.

4. The placing of one temporary container of a suitable material will be allowed for a period of up to nine months from the date of internment. This will require agreement by an authorised officer of the Parish Council.

5. Memorial sizes are as follows:-

  • Headstone: No more than 2ft 6" (30") X 2ft (24") X 3"
  • Base: No more than 2ft 6" (30") X 1ft 3" (15") X 3"

6. Inscriptions on memorials to face east (i.e. school playing field).

7. Name of the deceased and the Parish Council's agreed motif only to be on the reverse the headstone.

8. A flower vase may be incorporated in the memorial. This must not be made of glass or any other breakable material. No vases or receptacles to be placed on the burial plot.

9. Tributes left at the time of internment are permitted to remain for one calendar month. They will be carefully removed by council staff unless otherwise agreed by an authorised officer of the Parish Council.

10. Any dead or faded tributes, either natural or artificial, will be removed carefully by council staff when appropriate.

11. No kerbs or edging of any description to be placed on or around the burial plot.

12. No planting of shrubs/flowers unless agreed by an authorised officer of the Parish Council.

13. The Parish Council reserves the right to remove any vases, receptacles or edging which do not conform to the cemetery regulations.

14. All headstones, memorials and vases must be maintained, cared for or kept in a state of tidiness or good repair by the person erecting or placing the same. In default thereof, after due notice, they may be removed by order of an authorised officer of the Parish Council.

15. The Parish Council reserves the right of passage over all burial plots for purposes connected with the Cemetery. In addition, the right to remove any headstone or receptacle to enable a burial to be carried out in any adjacent burial plot. The appropriate headstone will be replaced at the expense of the Parish Council as soon as possible.

16. Cremation plots and their memorials must conform to the regulations as set out above.

17. Families/loved ones are encouraged to look after burial plots and memorials and are responsible for insurance to cover any third party liability. Because the cemetery is an open public space, the Parish Council cannot be held responsible for any damage or theft from burial plots, memorials or tributes. These are all uninsured and the Parish Council will not undertake any replacement or repair.

18. The Parish Council has the right to take action to maintain neglected burial plots and memorials that it deems unsafe or unsightly.

19. The Parish Council only accepts responsibility for maintaining and insuring the cemetery path, building, fences, benches and open areas.

20. Only assistance dogs are permitted to visit if kept under control. E.g. Guide Dogs.

21. Fees are reviewed annually with any changes coming into effect from April 1st and are available from the Parish Council office.